Company Profile: Newton Abbott


President Mark Bernas

3426 Abbott Road Orchard Park, New York 14127

Their district has an approximately population of 4,000 residents and encompasses the NE corner of the Town of Hamburg, bordering the City of Lackawanna, the Town of Orchard Park, and the Village of Blasdell. The Armor and Big Tree fire protection districts are to our south and west. Half the district consists of commercial and light industrial. Some of the notable businesses they protect are the McKinley Mall and Erie Community College South Campus.

Brief History

Newton Abbott was founded in 1934 and incorporated in New York State in 1936. The original members came from Windom, when the towns of Orchard Park and Hamburg were in a state of change. Newton and Abbott were the two town supervisors at the time.


Newton Abbott maintains a FAST. Membership on the unit requires successful completion of the NYS/OFPC Firefighter Survival and FAST courses, and routine in-house FAST training on an annual basis. Only members with three years' experience as interior firefighters are eligible, and must maintain their interior status. The FAST goes to the entire town of Orchard Park, much of West Seneca, Boston, and Eden.

Newton Abbott: Headquarters

Chief 9


Ford Expedition

-Photo Credit NAFC-

Ambulance 887


2003 Ford E450 Series McCoy Miller Type III Ambulance

-Photo Credit NAFC-

Quint 6


1993 Simon Duplex LTI 75' Quintuple Combo Pumper

-Photo Credit NAFC-

Rescue 3


2000 Spartan-Saulsbury Heavy Rescue

-Photo Credit Don Cialone Jr.-

Engine 1


2011 KME Predator/Panther Engine

-Photo Credit NAFC-

Utility 7-1


2013 Chevy Crew Cab Pickup Utility/Light Rescue/TIM

-Photo Credit Don Cialone Jr.-

Company Profile: Ellicott Creek


Chief Joseph Osika

President Brian Wildrick

Station 1: 45 South Ellicott Creek Road Amherst, NY 14228

Station 2: 3000 Sweethome Road Amherst, NY 14228

Their district extends to Tonawanda Creek to the North, Ridge Lea Road to the South, Sweethome Road to the East and borders North Tonawanda and the City of Tonawanda to the West. They also cover a small sliver along Tonawanda Creek in the Town of Tonawanda. Some of the district's more notable areas of coverage include Ellicott Creek Park, the Amherst Bike Path, and Audubon Industrial Park. Their 2017 call volume was 879 incidents. 

Brief History

The Ellicott Creek Volunteer Fire Company had its beginnings in the latter part of 1943 and early 1944, when members of the community decided there was a need for a fire department to provide service for the northwest portion of the Town of Amherst. 

The initial organizational meeting was held on October 16th, 1944 at District 16, located on North Ellicott Creek Road. The first order of business was the selection of the name for the organization. The name Ellicott Creek Auxiliary Fire Company Branch 1 was chosen.

Ellicott Creek: Station 1

Rescue 5-1


2014 Rosenbauer Ford F550 Light Rescue

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.

Rescue 5


2002 Pierce Lance Heavy Duty Rescue

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.

Engine 1


1991 Pierce Lance 1500 GPM Pump 750 Gallon Tank

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.

Engine 3


2016 Rosenbauer Commander

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.

Truck 6


1982 Piercer Arrow/LTI 100 ' Tower 1500 GPM 200 Gallon Tank

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.

Rescue 7


2008 Ford F-350 Light Rescue

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.

Ellicott Creek: Station 2

Rescue 7-1


2004 Chevy Suburban Light Rescue

Photo: Courtesy of Ellicott Creek VFC

Engine 2


2007 Pierce Velocity 1500 GPM 750 Gallon Tank

Photo: Courtesy of Ellicott Creek VFC

Underwater Search & Rescue Trailer


2003 LOE Underwater & Ice Rescue Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Ellicott Creek VFC

EMS Bike Team


One bike is equipped with oxygen and suction and the other is equipped with an AED and trauma bandages.

Photo: Don Cialone Jr.



Chief Presley Redeye

President Dexter Jimerson


Address: 12879 Route 438 Irving, New York 14081

Brief History

Seneca Fire was organized in 1967. Their new headquarters built in 2015 replaced the original hall next door. They currently run about 1100 calls a year, 1000 EMS runs and about a 100 fire and hazmat runs. They serve approximately 3500 people on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Territory.

Seneca Fire Headquarters

Engine 1


2018 Rosenbauer Rescue Pumper with a 2000 gpm 1500 gallon tank. It comes equipped Holmatro tools and a full complement of cribbing.

Engine 3


2007 E-One Typhoon Rescue Pumper 2000 gpm 750 gallon tank with a TNT Rescue Tool.

Brush Truck 4


2015 F-550 with a Brush Reel 

Tanker 5


2018 Rosenbauer Tanker with 2000 gpm 4700 gallon tank.

Tower 6


2018 Rosenbauer 115' T-Rex Articulating Rescue Boom Platform.

Utility 7/Special Ops Trailer


2016 F-350 Pickup that pulls a Special Ops Trailer equipment with 2 2016 Polaris 4x4's, one with a rescue skid, one with a fire skid. It also can pull their water rescue Zodiak.

Company Profile: Hillcrest


President Ernie Matthews

7125 Ellicott Road, Orchard Park, NY 14127

District Boundry: Hillcrest's Fire District is roughly defined to the North at Jewett Homewood Road/Armor Duelles Road, to the South as Ward Road/North Boston town line, West at South Abbott Road, and West as the West Falls/East Aurora border.

Brief History

Organized on February 18th in 1955, Hillcrest fire company has seen its share of changes, challenges and incidents over the last 60 years.

From the cramped humble beginnings at the “Old Hall” to the current four bay digs, the one thing the Hillcrest family has never been short on is its unique sense of family and friendship.

The character of this organization can be traced to those early days when money was short but dedication and sense of duty paid the bills.

From the first fire fought in a hand-me-down pumper, courtesy the Orchard Park Fire Department, to a 2005 American La France with a fully enclosed cab, the solid roots of our past keep us growing healthy today.


Hillcrest runs about 725 calls a year, 525 EMS and 200 Fire and HazMat Runs. They are part of the Orchard Park Fire District Rope Team and have a FAST Team. Some of the noteworthy venues you'll find in Hillcrest's fire district include Chestnut Ridge Park, Boston Valley Terracotta, and Ellicott Elementary School.

Hillcrest Fire Headquarters

Engine 1


1993 KME 1500 gpm/1000 gallon tank.

Engine 2


2004 American LaFrance 1500 gpm/1000 gallon tank

Rescue 7


2001 Salisbury 6x6 Medium Rescue with 500 gmp/350 gallon tank 

Ambulance 821


2011 Chevy AEV Van Body Ambulance

Ambulance 881


2012 Chevy Marque Ambulance

ATV 1 & D4


ATV 1 is a 2016 Polaris 570 cc 4x4 and D4 is a 2012 Polaris 800 cc 6 Passenger UTV

Company Profile: Akron


Chief Joshua Haist

President Jason Ladd (Elect-Gary Baehr)

Facebook @ Akron Fire Company

Station 1: 1 Main Street Akron, NY 14001

Station 2: 15 Franklin Street Akron, NY 14001


Akron Fire Company was organized in 1923. They currently answer approximately 450 calls a year out of 2 stations. Not only do they cover the Village of Akron but their border continues north to the Niagara County line east of Route 93 and to the Genesee County line (Crittenden Road). AFC has a Low Angle Rescue Team as well as an Ice Rescue Team.

Akron Station 1

Engine 3


2017 4 Guys

Engine 4


2004 Pierce 

Engine 4-1


2009 E-One 

Rescue 7


2016 Silverado 

Ambulance 8


2000 Braun Ambulance

Chief 9

2018 Chevy Tahoe

Akron Station 2

Tanker 2


1972 RD Murray 4000 Gallon Tanker

Truck 6


2000 Pierce 100' Tower



Polaris UTV